Commonwealth Games

Our team worked last week on the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast of Australia in a disastrous weather : cyclonic precipitations and heavy wind were on time but our systems held on and the shooting ran smoothly thanks to our stabilization technology which also allowed us to shoot at low altitude and overnight.

Two of our X fly 3D were installed for this event :

- One X fly 3D was coupled with our Mini Flight Head for the Opening and Closing ceremonies plus all the athletic sporting event

- And the other one was installed with our brand new head : the XD CAM for swimming and diving. Specificity of the installation : the system was installed on thin light poles and motors position were calculated to allowed us to switch from swimming to diving (so we avoided any standby on the shooting) in a record time : 5 hours. This X fly 3D will stay in Australia for any project in this globe area.

Also for this project, we used our Stab C Compact on a 15 meters Techno Crane for the diving trials.


Rugby at the Stade de France

Our X fly 3D system was installed at the Stade de France for four rugby matches for France Télévisions between November and March : France-New Zealand, France-South Africa, France-Ireland and France-England.

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Games
/ Extreme Sports / Phoenix Park

We deployed throughout the Korean Olympic Winter Games, some of our special filming systems :

- Mogul Skiing : Rail X track 180 meters on a slope of 27 ° and at a speed of 12m/s.

- Half Pipe : Cablecam X fly 2D of 500 meters of length in 2 dimensions on 100 meters of height.

- Skicross and Snowcross : Cablecam X fly 1D of 900 meters on 900 meters of length and 70 km/h of speed.

- Slopestyle, Big Air, Skicross and Ceremonies : Hexacam HF Live Drone with Night-Sensitive Cameras and Remote-controlled Zoom.
The team and our equipment worked in extreme cold conditions of -25°C and with great efficiency on the various sites.
Watch the replay here.



FIA ​​Formula E Championship

- For the second time, XD motion will be attending Formule E Championship in Paris : we will install our GSS head on a 70 meters electric nacelle on next Saturday, the 28th of April 2018.

- This was a premiere for XD motion : we participated a few weeks ago in the 3rd round of the Formula-E Championship, in Marrakech, Morocco. Our X fly 1D vertical + Mini Flight Head were installed over 300 m at this event to capture the best images of this breathtaking competition.

Festival of lights of Lyon 2017

In partnership with the city of Lyon, we presented a unique configuration of flying a luminous meteorite on the pool of the Rhone as part of a show in large format sound and light prepared by the lighting department of Lyon.

- Specificity : 400 meters moving motion control X fly 2D over 50 meters height at a speed of 60 km / hour.

- A post is available on our Facebook page for further explanation of the system.

Watch the result video here  and a report here.

Kids United Concert

On the occasion of the Kids United concert at Accor Hotel Arena in Paris Bercy, we installed our vertical X fly 1D at a height of 28 meters.


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