NEW: GSS C520 – C516

We propose new gyro-stabilized gimbals, the most advanced 6 axis-systems on the market, designed by our Partner GSS:

Lighter, smaller, easy to ship in excess luggage, upgradable, open architecture, single pole bracket, Auto Horizon level, Digital Camera/Lens from 2K to 6K up to 500mm easy interchangeable....

We are GSS european Sales and Support Partner.

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On September 21st, we organise in Paris an aerial demonstration.


This news generation of gyro-stabilized camera crane systems can be rigged on different vehicles. Thus, for your shootings all over the world, we can only need to send the Russian Arm Mini which reduces transportation costs.

For example, in June we did a commercial in Dubai, using a local vehicle.

We propose a vehicle solution for european shootings.

The system is designed to operate on small tracking vehicles and able to perform on narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels, parking garages, bridges.

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Drone 4K

This solution enables you to make feature films and commercials in 4K and also live shooting for television.

Thanks to our wide range and also thanks to our new light systems range (drone, GSS gimbals, Russian Arm Mini….) we enable our client to shoot almost everywhere.

As a first worldwide, in May 2015 we participated with our drone to a horse race "Le Grand Steeple Chase" in Paris. We had the permission close to horses.



MUTO is a very light cable camera system. With it's onboard engine and power supply, it is designed to be rigged very quickly, indoor or outdoor. The MUTO andf the gyro-stabilized Mini Flight head are Motion control.

This system is also among our light systems range.

• In July 2015, we shot a commercial for a luxury brand in Paris. The DOP and director requested a shoot above the roofs of Paris. Taking into account Paris' restrictions, we figured out that the best solution was to realize it with a giant crane (70 meters high) engineered with a platform for gyro-stabilized heads.

• Also in July, we were at the Paris Eiffel Jumping. In the heart of Paris, thanks to its high speed, we chose the X fly 1D to shoot this horse event. Besides, cables were hang on lift truck with telescopic arm for a better visual environmenent.


• May 2015, we were at Roland Garros with remote heads.


• May 2015, with our X fly 2D and the MUTO we were at the amazing music festival Mawazine (Pharell Williams, Sting, Jennifer Lopez, Avicii...) in Morocco.


• April 2015, we participated to the 50th anniversary of the brazilian chanel TV Globo with our X fly 2D and the Mini Flight Head.




Contact: Benoit Dentan, Specialized gyro operator /CEO.

[email protected]


• Find out all about our systems and latest shootings on our new website. Here is our new Feature Films Demo Reel: