XD motion at the Olympics in Rio 2016

XD motion just return from Rio after several venues with X track and ARCAM robotics. 

Join us at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam

Join XD motion at the IBC in Amsterdam. Exhibits will run from September 9-13 at the RAI AMSTERDAM.

Stop by XD motion and GSS booth 12.E65 and meet Benoit Dentan.

Benoit will show you last productions such as VI Nation rugby game with our X fly 3D cables, Paris Euro Fan Zone & Windsurf filming with our Muto and so on…

We will be displaying amazing video productions such as Paris aerial helicopter filming with our GSS C520 head.

Book your appointment from now with Benoit Dentan.
Ask us for a free entrance to IBC if you need.


The X fly 1D system offers the possibility to fly a camera using a computer-controlled cable-drive system.

The dolly is supported on two parallel ropes providing increased stability and enable the X fly 1D to be maneuvered at high speed and over long distances with no height restriction.
Working like a cable car, it is motorized using a separate tensioned drive rope.
The mobile platform of the X fly 1D accepts types of gyro-stabilized heads offering the possibility to work with any HD video or Digital cinema camera.


With the success of X fly in 1D and 2D, XD motion has developed a new X Fly configuration allowing movement in 3 dimensions. Using the latest technology, the X Fly 3D is based on 4 fiber ropes attachment points and allows the dolly to move left & right, up & down and forward

& backward. Safety critical software ensures collision avoidance as well as repeatable flight paths. The pilot can concentrate on the camera shots without having to look at the dolly camera.


The Muto is defined as a single-cable carrier intelligent chassis with onboard engine and power supply. This new system of aerial wire system is lightweight, ergonomic and totally secure.

Versatile, it is designed for Indoor and Outdoor venues.
The Muto can be installed above the audience as it reaches all the safety rules by adding a second safety rope (optional).
Several ropes can be pre-rigged allowing the possibility to move the dolly from one to another very quickly, thanks to a flight data backup system.


GSS Systems are the smallest and lightest system in the world to integrate all of the most popular Digital cinema and Broadcast cameras. Cameras and lenses can be swapped out in less than 30 minutes, quicker than any other gyro-stabilized system on the market. GSS systems do not have ITAR restrictions, and Vector Steering allows for look-down capability with no gimbal lock. No auxiliary junction unit is required and with in-flight calibration, GSS systems have an unbeatable horizon reference.


The ARCAM system is built around a 6-axis motion control robotic arm.
You can mount on it any kind of camera with a weight less than 8 kg.
Make the robot do whatever movements you want on a 2.8m diameter sphere. It is particularly suited for wide shot in movement. It can be used in close shot for Pan and Tilt movement or fixed one.
If you want to gain space on the floor, hang the robot properly on a wall or on the ceiling.
It doesn’t need any calibration and is fast to set up.
It is a collaborative robot that is built to work around people without any risks.


The Russian Arm Mini and Flight Head Mini 3 are a new generation of gyro-stabilized robotic camera cranes. The technology has been specifically designed for use on small camera cars and tracking vehicles operating on narrow roads, small sets, and other locations with restricted space. The high-speed mobile mini arm can be mounted on the roof of the hero car or any other mobile platform (boat, truck, bus, train, etc.) Our tracking vehicles Porsche Cayenne GTS and Audi Speedcar S6 are fully equipped to mount the arm.


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