XD motion will be at Micro Salon AFC 2017

Stop by our booth (Set 3 on 2nd floor). We will present our latest innovations with incredible shots and a 4K projection.

• Captive Drone powered on ground – Payload Light spot 5000 Lumen or 4K camera with zoom.

• New GSS Gyro-stabilized head 12 inches rig on X fly 3D cablecam

• GSS C 520 with Red & Optimo 15-40mm lens

• ARCAM robotic arm 6 axis

• First footage “Live 8K” on X fly 3D cablecam

Join us at BSC expo

XD motion will be at the BSC Expo (Booth 100).
Exhibits will run from February 3-4 at Battersea Park, London UK.

We will present our latest innovations with incredible aerial shots.

• New GSS Gyro-stabilized head 12 inches rig on X fly 3D cablecam

• GSS C 520 with Red & Optimo 15-40mm lens

• ARCAM robotic arm 6 axis

• First footage “Live 8K” on X fly 3D cablecam

• Mini Russian Arm with Mini Flight Head 3



Evolution of our multi-dimensional Cablecam with the integration of the new 8K "Live" camera of a Japanese manufacturer. For the needs of our customers on upcoming major international events, the X fly 3D has been adapted to install this world's most efficient 8K camera and adapt the fibber optical  to transmit all “live” signals of the signal and Camera controls

New miniature version of the GSS in 12 inches diameter. We equipped this 5-axis gyro-stabilized head on our X fly 3D cablecam to allow extremely stable shots in 4K and full focal length



Notre Dame de Paris & Peter Pan
in stereoscopy and VR 360 °

Special filming for these 2 current musicals with the installation of a rig 3D F55 Sony on our X fly 2D cablecam, the heaviest and complex assembly ever made by our teams. We also equipped our X fly 1D cablecam vertical with a rig VR 360 ° to allow immersive images on the different scenes of the shows

For the needs of a prestigious Korean commercial, we have realized several rigs of our X fly 2D and 1D cablecams outdoor and studio in Paris with the RED in 120 f/s and 2 drones equally equipped with this camera and the DGI Inspire in Paris . The new 4K V2 of this drone will be available next month.



HomeworkX RED BULL Tom Pagès

World Champion FMX, Tom Pagès has chained 10 incredible tricks for the needs of his exclusive film. XD motion has deployed a team and the X fly 1D cablecam makes it possible to use sensational images with flexibility and high speed translation.



Paris, the most beautiful city in the world

Diffusion on M6 in Prime time of this original documentary recounting the life of the animals in Paris from a spectacular POV. Thanks to our aerial shots of helicopter GSS in the authorized air corridors of the city, of a world first by installing the X fly Vertical cablecam between 2 floors of the Eiffel Tower and the shooting of wolves by travelling car crane on the Champs Elysées ...

Giant crane for filming Le Louvre

Special authorization to overfly the Islamic art exhibition implanted within the Louvre. In a few hours, we deployed this 65m crane equipped with our Stab C Compact for the needs of this foreign documentary

Russian Arm Mini

We have shot several TV series who require stunt action sequences. Our financial package and the flexibility of this equipment allow low budget production to use the Russian Arm Mini


To schedule a meeting at BSC / AFC or for any questions
please contact us :


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+33 6 42 09 73 32


All XD motion team wish you a
Happy New Year 2017!!


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