X fly Mini cablecam

XD motion offers now the Mini X fly with our new XD cam Head 3 Axes Gyrostabilized as a package.
The Mini X fly keeps your crew fast and small, requiring a single operator to control all the functions of the cablecam, gimbal and lens.
XD cam Head will allow smooth motion images on 3 axes thanks to its Gyrostabilized system. It is very easy to use thanks to its RF remote control.

System Features

Mini X fly was designed to carry professional cinema packages like the ARRI ALEXA Mini, Sony F5 and RED.

Fast and small requiring a single operator to control all the functions of the cablecam, gimbal and lens.

With its ground breaking technology, Mini X fly comes to a smooth stop at each end of the line automatically.  This means you can relax and focus on other details of the shot.

With the optional Safety Wheel Kit you can add a second line to the system to ensure absolute security when floating over crowds and in live scenarios.  It too utilizes the tool-less Line Lock, so switching between multiple lines is a breeze.

With its intelligent sensing technology Mini X fly can capture perfect shots.  Its built-in safety features include; Anti-Slip and Anti-Stall to protect itself and your gear.  Selectable acceleration and deceleration ramps let you control the smoothness of motion.

Cameras are only getting smaller.   Mini X fly was designed and optimized to carry the most popular gimbals while keeping its footprint to a minimum.  The whole system packs into the Pelican air 1605 case.

All of Mini X fly electronics are securely housed in a stout aluminum frame protecting them from  the elements and rough handling.

Mini X fly is not effected by wind, altitude or temperature.  Float it right on the action, over crowds or through tight spaces, over and over again.  Meets all the demands of broadcasting and live events.

Mini X fly features multiple lines of defense to kill noise and vibration before reaching your camera.

The adjustable wire damper comes with a 3/8″ center hole and two 1/4″ slots for attaching a quick release plate.

– Maximum Payload : 33lb / 15kg
– Weight with Battery : 9lb / 4kg
– Length : 24in / 609mm
– Max Speed : Up to 31mph / 50kph
– Battery : 24V
– Gimbal : XD cam
– Cameras : ARRI ALEXA Mini | ARRI ALEXA M | Sony F55 | Sony F5 | Sony FS7 | Sony FS700 | Blackmagic USRA Mini | RED Epic | RED Scarlet | RED Weapon | RED Dragon | Canon C500 | Canon 1D C |HDCP1 Sony

Download X fly Mini PDF