Muto cablecam

The Muto is defined as a single-cable carrier intelligent chassis with onboard engine and power supply. This new system of aerial wire system is lightweight, ergonomic and totally secure.
Versatile, it is designed for Indoor and Outdoor venues.
The Muto can be installed above the audience as it reaches all the safety rules by adding a second safety rope (optional).
Several ropes can be pre-rigged allowing the possibility to move the dolly from one to another very quickly, thanks to a flight data backup system.
Muto X Motion control :

The motion control version is able to store 10 position points and movements in combination with the Mini Flight Head.


  • 2 attachment points
  • Independent power supply (from 45min to 3h)
  • Fully computerized controls
  • Certified VERITAS
  • Maximum travelling length: 400 m
  • Maximum speed: 18 km/h
  • Weight (without batteries and head): 27 Kg
  • Maximum weight equipment on the dolly: 50kg
  • Wireless or optical fiber head and camera control

* Certified by VERITAS

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