Hexacam Live RF Drone

  • Hexacam RF drone 5G
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  • Hexacam Drone Camera detail XD motion
  • Hexacam drone floor XD motion

HEXACAM is a RPAS Drone multi rotor electric device with remote-controlled autopilot system.
The onboard electronic equipment features a computer-assisted operating system and offers increased flying time compared to similar flying devices.
It can fly at low altitudes, even in enclosed spaces, as well as at high altitudes thanks to its inertial measurements unit and embedded GPS sensor.
With RF video link, the shooting can be done from a ground control station to meet the demands of the production crew on Live. The Hexacam can be disassembled in 15 minutes. This allows quick shipment preparation and the possibility to have access to tight location.

  • 4, 6 or 8 propellers
  • Total weight: up to 5kg / payload: 2kg
  • Inertial unit 3 axes
  • Altimeter – GPS
  • Remote head 2 or 3 axes gyro-stabilised
  • Programmable navigation, waypoints, altitude
  • Flight time: about 15 minutes
  • Camera (depending on the Hexacam model):
  • Sony Camrecorder, Gopro, RED Epic, Alexa mini, HD/SDI 2K Broadcast cameras
  • Recording in RAW mode or RF live transmission full HD