Super G GPS *

  • Super G on helicopter
  • Camel race in Saudi Arabia with GSS and Super G Live on travelling cars

The GPS assisted Vertical Gyro has proven to be a success. This Gyro gives Super G perfect horizon references which the operator can choose to use if he prefers not to steer the roll axis during a take. Unlike NSI’s competition, this unique Vertical Gyro reference is ITAR free and is not subject to export restrictions.

* Available in 3D.

  • Head Rotational Axes:
    • Pan: 360° continuous, 0-120°/sec
    • Tilt: 123°, 0-60°/sec
    • Roll: +/- 50° max; Steerable or auto level
  • Head Weight: 90kg
  • Max. Camera Weight: 59kg
  • 5 axis high bandwidth full stabilization
  • Backpan correction and targeted tracking
  • Standard: 25-500 mm film lens completely stabilized
  • Advanced: 10-1440mm video lens completely stabilized
  • Head Control: Wheels, joystick
  • 2 hours helicopter Installation
  • Cameras Accepted: all, including IMAX
  • Wireless