The Legendary and Academy Award winning U-Crane (formerly known as Russian Arm) is the most flexible and stable camera system on the market. The high speed mobile crane is mounted on the roof of a camera car or any other mobile platform (boats, bus, train, etc) and is used to film moving vehicles from just about any and every angle you want.
The U-Crane integrates carbon fiber materials. It provides great levels of agility to safely traverse rugged terrain and compressed urban areas. It meets the requirements of the most demanding customers and very often surpasses their expectations.

  • Gyro – stabilization: Tilt, Pan
  • Length of the arm :
    4 meters up to 6.5 m depending on the model
  • 360° panning capability
  • Speed 5-6 sec / 360°
  • Set-up Time on ML55 Chase Car: up to 2 hours
  • Operating at speeds up to 150 km/h
  • Operation: Joystick console
  • Weight with camera max 180 Kg