X fly 1D cablecam

  • Mylene Farmer concert Nevermore 2023 with X fly 2D and vertical cablecams
  • X fly 1D Victoires de la musique classique

The X fly 1D system offers the possibility to fly a camera in the open space by a computer-controlled cable-drive system.
Designed with two parallel bearer lines – thus offering two perfectly stable “rails” for the dolly and the advantage of a better division of the affecting forces , the X fly 1D can be maneuvered at high speed and on long distances with no height limit!
Working like a cable car, it is driven on a horizontal tensioned bearer cable by an engine.
The mobile platform of the X fly 1D can be fitted with different types of gyro-stabilized heads offering the possibility to work with any HD video and cinema camera.

* Certified VERITAS

  • 2 fixed points only
  • 2 High Lines
  • Fully computerized controls
  • Certified VERITAS
  • Maximum travel length: more than 1000m
  • Maximum speed: more than 60km/h
  • Maximum weight equipment on the dolly : 130kg
  • Head type: GSS B512, Super G GPS, Gyron Cine-G, Stab C
    Compact, Cineflex
  • Wireless or fiber head and camera control