High speed tracking vehicle

This vehicle has been designed to be driven at very high speeds in complete safety on circuits or on suitable roads. The front and back of the vehicle are fitted with camera supports. These hydraulic supports allow for the camera to be raised or lowered by joystick from inside the vehicle.
No matter what the situation, from F1 action, to city streets or snow covered winding mountain roads, the image remains perfectly stable. With room for five people on board including the driver, the director and DP are able to work in a safe environment.
The system is so efficient that it takes less than 10 minutes to move the camera from back to the front and vice versa.

  • Audi S6 Plus Quattro Avant
  • V8 engine 4200cc 400hp
  • Maximum speed: >250km/h
  • Suspended Format movement (Lens height): Ground to 125 cm
  • Low perched format movement (Lens height): 90 cm to 200 cm
  • Camera support plates max load : 80 Kg
  • All Camera gyros heads: 3 or 5 axes