X tower

  • PTZs on vertical X tower for LCI/TF1 studio
  • Robotics controlled by IOBOT software for LCI-TF1 new studio in Paris: PTZs on Curve and vertical x Track
  • X tower with Protean head IBC 2022
  • X tower and X track Curve PTZ IOBOT Software LCI TF1 Studio
  • X tower on X track curve and columns for LCI studio by XD motion
  • X tower at SATIS 2022 - Sony stand

The X tower is a remotely controlled skate movement system. Due to its discretion, it is perfect for studios, vertical, on the ground or on the ceiling, and it is able to hide quickly.  Its tracks precision capability allows to broadcast on the move, from PTZs, remote head or ARCAM.

X tower AR, VR, HDSI 4K, IP Connectivity
  • 55cm or 80cm stroke
  • Noiseless and speed up to 4cm/s
  • Can be mounted upright or upside down
  • Compatible for PTZ, 2-axis remote or ARCAM heads
  • Position and trajectory control with IP via IO.BOT
  • Full FreeD tracking compatible
  • Cable management carrier included