4×6 Tracking vehicle with crane

The 4×4 tracking vehicle equipped with a hydraulic crane enables travelling shots up to 130 km/h. The crane allows for the camera to be raised up to 4m high and for a 360° rotation around the vehicle – smoothly and precisely.
The crane operator is positioned outside the vehicle, at the bottom of the crane, and benefits from a better view to allow for shots in extreme conditions. He communicates with the rest of the crew inside the vehicle over the intercom. The vehicle provides additional platforms to fix extra motorized heads and cameras (front and roof platforms).
Any type of gyro stabilized head can be mounted on the crane, which gives the possibility to shoot with any HD film or video cameras.

  • Range Rover 6 wheels equipped with hydraulic crane
  • 4.6 l V8 engine: 250 cv
  • Maximum speed: 130km/h
  • Car transporter (3T500)
  • Max speed movements: 1m/sec
  • Suspended format movement (Lens height) : 35cm to 430 cm
  • Low perched format movement (Lens height) : 90 cm to 530 cm
  • Crane rotation: 360° – 1.8m/sec
  • Max load embarked on crane: 150kg
  • All Camera gyros heads: 3 or 5 axes