Proteân XMi

  • Proteân on ARCAM Robot
  • Proteân on Dome Expo Dubai 2020
  • Proteân on Towercam for Louis Vuitton commercial
  • X tower with Protean head IBC 2022

The Proteân XMi is the most advanced remote head ever produced by BR Remote.  It offers a performance way beyond that which its price might indicate.

Virtually silent at any speed, fully VR and AR capable with zero backlash in pan & tilt, plus built-in move profiling puts the Proteân at the top of the list for ultimate performance remote heads.  In addition, there is an unmatched range of standard features and add-ons which make it almost impossible to beat at any price.

System Features

Main Features:

  • Width & Height Extension options

  • RS485 with Fibre & IP options

  • Loads >10kg – (with 2nd side)

  • Multiple Head Control from 1 controller

  • Integrated Motion Control & Profile Moves

  • Integrated Camera CCU & Lens Control

  • Multiple Data Protocols including DMX & Free-D

  • Continuous Free-D Metadata output

  • Suitable for Virtual Reality

  • Positional Control to 0.005deg

  • Virtually SILENT operation

  • Zero Backlash

The standard model of the Proteân is the compact model, which doesn’t include any extenders. 

The standard model includes:

  • RS 485 Standard control

  • Lens control

  • Point-to-point profile move

  • Status display

  • CCU protocols

  • DMX Control

  • Free D & M* Control

  • Metadata Output

The following can be added as optional extras:

  • Control over IP

  • Fibre Output (HDSDI)

  • Fibre Control input/output

  • Width extension (+50mm)

  • Height extensions (+100mm sections)

  • Slip rings (HDSDI, Power, Control)

  • RJ45 loop-thru

System Specifications

Weight: 7kg (standard)

Dimensions: Standard – W.293, H.356, D.166.

Extended – W.414, (Including Side Support) H.655, D.166

Max. Camera width: 280mm

Max. Camera Clearance: 420mm to tilt centre (with 3 x 100mm risers)

Max. Load: >10kg (standard),  20kg with side support

Operating Temp: -10 to +40degC  Out of sunlight

Environmental: IP65

Mounting: 4 x 3/8”, + M6 safety bond point

Connections: XLR5, XLR4, BNC1, BNC2, RJ45, Dsub9, 2 x ST fibre

Power: 48 @ 150w

Data: RS485, IP

Control Protocols: DMX (8 channels), Free D,  Dstar, Mstar,

Metadata: Free-D RAW, Free-D Angular, Mstar.  (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus)

Pan Range: Hard & Soft stop limited.  360deg. Continuous with Slip Rings

Tilt Range: 350deg.  Hard & Soft Stops

Pan Speed Range: <0.005deg/sec – >180deg/sec.

Tilt Speed Range: <0.005deg/sec – >180deg/sec.

Speed Ranges (Gears): 10

Speed Proportional: Pan/Tilt Speed, proportional to zoom angle on ranges 1-3

Lens Control: 2 x 12pin Hirose, Zoom, Focus, Iris

Pre-Set Positions: 64 – Pan,Tilt, Zoom, Focus

Positional Accuracy: 0.0055deg. 16bit, 65,536 counts per 360deg.

Profile Moves: 64 – Pan,Tilt, Zoom, Focus

Profile Move Adjustments: Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Total Time, Zoom Start +/-, Zoom End +/-

PTZ Remote: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, (fully proportional,) Iris, Focus, (positional), Pre-set Store (P,T,Z,F), Pre-set Recall, Profile Move Time, Profile Move Ramp Up, Profile Move Ramp Down, Profile Move Zoom Offsets, Absolute Position mode, P,T,Z,F reverse, speeds 1-10, Turbo Speed, Set Home, Goto Home, PID values, Joystick Ramp, Protocol Selection, Protocol Format etc.

Other Features: Genlock, Lens Drivers, Inverted or Upright Mounting, LCD screen, Tally Light.

Options: 100mm Risers, 50mm Wide Block, Wide Camera Plates, Side Support, Long Drop Arms, IP Control, Fibre i/o, external Tally lights, CCU Control, bespoke features, RJ45 loop-thru,Slip Rings, SDI return (for BMD cameras)