X fly 2D cablecam

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  • X fly 2D World Handball Championship 2017
  • X fly 2D Samsung commercial

Based on the X fly 1D, the X fly 2D allows the camera to move both horizontally and vertically.
The ascending and descending motions of the camera are controled by a motor, which loosens or tightens the support ropes. This enables the pilot to fly the camera in 2 dimensions in real time. Using secure software the pilot can define the safe envelope that the dolly can fly in, therefore ensuring it is impossible for the camera dolly to move into areas where there is risk of collision with external obstacles. The camera platform of the X fly 2D can be fitted with the same cameras as on the 1D system: virtually any camera model!

* Certified VERITAS

  • 2 attachment points
  • 2 horizontal High Lines
  • Fully computer controls
  • Certified VERITAS
  • Maximum travelling length: more than 700m
  • Maximum speed: more than 50km/h
  • Maximum weight equipment on the dolly: 130kg
  • Head type: Gyron Cine-G, Stab C Compact, Cineflex
  • Wireless or fiber head and camera control