🌟 Yesterday, in partnership with Brainstorm, we showcased a live “Teleportation” demonstration where a journalist in Las Vegas was featured on screen next to another journalist located elsewhere in the U.S., analyzing election developments 📺. This remarkable feat was enabled by the synergy between InfinitySet, Brainstorm’s premier solution for Augmented Reality and Virtual Production, and XD motion’s ARCAM 10 and 20 Camera Robots. 🤖 The ARCAM robots, in conjunction with IOBOT software, were synchronized to provide matching viewpoints, ensuring an exceptionally realistic integration of virtual talent with precise perspectives and flawless results 🎥.

🔗 The integration of Brainstorm’s InfinitySet with XD motion’s ARCAM Robots and IOBOT software utilizes a FreeD protocol for tracking data and allows control of the ARCAM directly from the InfinitySet interface, thanks to XD motion’s API. InfinitySet’s flexibility to act as a hub of technologies and its compatibility with a variety of industry protocols enables it to launch and stop presets and work as an orchestrator that triggers the robotic camera parameters along with the virtual cameras of InfinitySet. This streamlined integration paves the way for unique storytelling possibilities. ✨

Don’t miss the demo that will take place every half-hour at the Brainstorm booth SL4097. ⏰

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