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The GSS GSS CINEMA PRO+ is the smallest and lightest system in the world to integrate all of the most popular digital cinema cameras. Cameras and lenses can be swapped out in less than 30 minutes, quicker than any other gyro-stabilized system on the market. The GSS CINEMA PRO+ does not have ITAR restrictions, and VectorSteering allows for look-down capability with no gimbal lock.
XD motion is the partner and exclusive distributor in Europe for sales of GSS’ (Gyro-Stabilized Systems) products.
You can see here some footage we did above Paris with the GSS C520, Red camera and lens Angénieux Optimo style 25-250mm.

Our New U-Crane Dynamic is on the roads to cover all your needs for commercials and feature films, with French or international team. Click here to see a making of, of stunt shots.

Very useful for feature films, our X fly 3D is now controlling cameras by fiber.
Click here to see some footage of  the Alexa M – camera body at operating position – Lens Cooke S4 14mm and  Arri 18-80.

To discover : wonderful and exclusive pictures of the Eiffel Tower from the inside, and much more !

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