In patrnership with the Beltoise évolution company on Trappes’ circuit in the Yvelines, France, we offer for your shootings a complete precision pilots crew which has been trained according to very strict security rules.

We can offer our travelling cars, as well as an additional pilot for your actor vehicles. The deep personal connection of pilots that has been trained together will ensure a perfect choreography of car, and indeed more spectacular shots.

We are pleased to welcome the new U-Crane with the last version of the Flight Head 5 with vertical gyro.
The U-Crane combines the latest technologies in the fields of gyrostabilization, embedded electronic systems, aerodynamics, noise reduction and vibration isolation.
Russian Arm 5 brings significant improvements in power, torque, speed and safety. 2 arm lengh are available (4m60 and 6m50).
This package U-Crane, ML55 and Flight head 5 in France completes the availability of 4 other U-Crane of Filmotechnic based in Spain, Nederland, Italy and England.
XD motion will propose this vehicle from Paris or Marseille base, as the Audi Speedcar or the Range Rover hydraulic crane. We can then financially group a package helicopter + travelling car and a professional and trained crew as close as possible of your shooting.